Wear Flowers in Your Hair!

— Tuesday, 1 April 2014 —

We are very excited to announce our next flowery workshop in co-ordination with the lovely Kith and Co! We’ll be teaching you how to make your own lovely flower crowns, with a beautiful selection of bright, seasonal blooms.

The £40 ticket price includes all tools and supplies required, your very own handmade crown to wear/take home that evening, a wee boozy drink on arrival, light snacks (read cake) and the chance to meet some like-minded, flower-wearing, lovely classmates.

And us!

Bring your pals, your hens, or your dancing partner for the night. Have some funs, make something to wear in that beautiful barnet of yours and learn a new skill while your at it.

There are plenty of pubs near the venue for you to take your crown out on a test drive afterwards… because, like we said, your that cool!

Click on over for more details and to book – http://bookwhen.com/kithandco


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