Summer time

— Friday, 2 May 2014 —

In an effort to try and write more blog posts, I thought I should actually try and write something instead of just talking about doing so repeatedly. As my dear friend Cara pointed out: “I don’t know what your flowers look like any more, and neither does anyone else because you never update your blog.” She has a point, that girl.

Summer is rapidly approaching, and with it a whole host of delightful projects. June is going to be insane with every single weekend booked with one, two or three (!) weddings. God knows what I was thinking.

Actually I do know what I was thinking – “how can I turn any of these couples down, they are all TOO lovely and have such exciting flower briefs!”. So its going to be lovely and hectic and colourful and sensual and creative and full of adoration and long nights and early mornings. June.

Today we are zooming back in time briefly to recap on a sweet wedding from last August. Natalie and Ian had a pretty wedding by Loch Lomond, with a deliciously varied colour palette of pink shades, peaches, burgundy and even a little blue to contrast. I loved the touches of velvet and cascades of ribbon on the bouquets we used too. Its not all about the flowers, I love the whole picture. Ribbon, lace, velvet. All the colours and how they tie in together with the little touches in the stationary, and the atmosphere from the surroundings. You can read the full story over on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, but here are a few pictures right now. Photography credit to the lovely Chantal Lachance-Gibson.

Also a wee reminder that we are going to be at the Glasgow Wedding Collective Fair this Sunday. You can find full details here, and you should definitely pop by to say hello. I’ll be there with a big gorgeous bouquet and a head full of ideas.

  1. You blogged! Well done!

    And gorgeous flowers. I love the bridesmaids bouquets against the navy. I think you need a navy backdrop for more of your flowers. Maybe you could hire a couple of bridesmaids?

    • Sophie Wilson

      I like navy too. I think I’m going to invest in some lush fabric for backdrops, and navy will definitely be a contender.

  2. Jemma

    Gorgeous! Oh, and I have navy bridesmaids. In busy, busy, June :)

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